Thursday, November 9, 2017


I'm fine...

I'm a total klutz. If there is something to stumble over, or a corner to bang into, I'll find it. After Wednesday, I can add in "tripping over perfectly flat, clear sidewalk..."

It was in the low 40s and sunny. The temperature would have been appropriate for either shorts or pants. I had worn my black tights to work, so I ran in them. At the last second I grabbed my favorite running gloves. The plan was slow and easy, work on stamina, don't stress out my body. Basically log 2-3 garbage miles.

Mile 1.6 I was across the street from a school I used to work at. I was running across a driveway that had zero leaves, no water, nothing. Obviously then I tripped over nothing. In the two seconds it took me to fall, the longest seconds of the day when I knew I was going down and there was nothing I could do to prevent it, I thought about how to minimize the fall, and most importantly how to make sure my head didn't hit! I could deal with a sprained wrist, a broken leg. What I can't deal with is a chipped tooth!

I landed on the palms of my hands and knees! Ouch! Immediately a kid at the school asked if I was ok. Um, yes? Define "ok."

I sat there for a few minutes, assessing the damage. My favorite gloves were shredded through the palms, but my hands only got minor scrapes. My very expensive Christmas gift Athleta pants kept all the skin on my knees while managing to not get torn! And I wasn't bleeding (I would have gone to the school for first aid rather than drip blood all the way home).

Hours later, my hands had two small friction burns, my knees had some friction burn and it felt like they're going to bruise. My triceps were sore too, but nothing was that bad considering I ran another 1.7 miles after I picked up myself.

It could have been so much worse. Pants and gloves kept my skin on my body, and sometimes I run with my phone in hand listening to YouTube book reviews (lol Nerd!!!!). This time, I had the old iPod shuffle clipped to my pants. It survived better than I did!

I was wearing brand new shoes, and I think what happened is that they're a lot "grippier" than the old worn out soles. I think my shoe gripped the sidewalk, stayed in place, and inertia kept my body going. Oops!

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